At Agalic, our commitment to community runs deep. We believe in not only offering wholesome products but also in giving back to those in need. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest initiative aimed at tackling child malnutrition in our ethnic community.

It’s a sad reality that many children in our area don’t have access to proper nutrition, especially before heading off to school. According to official Government Data 2023, a staggering 30% of children in our region suffer from serious malnutrition deficiencies. This is a problem we simply couldn’t ignore.

That’s why we’re preparing to launch a special program designed to make a difference. For each bag or bottle purchased, we will donate one daily milk or similar food to one child in need. This means that with every purchase, our customers are not only nourishing themselves but also helping to nourish a child in our community. It’s a simple yet impactful way to show solidarity and make a positive change.

Our product line is diverse, skillfully combining fermented citrus fruit skins, peels, and roots into delicious and nutritious treats. But Agalic is more than just a business—it’s a social endeavor with a mission to empower ethnic groups in economically disadvantaged areas. By actively supporting livelihoods and economic opportunities, we’re ensuring the preservation of surrounding forests and fostering self-sustainability.

As a cooperative linked with dozens of others, and with plans to expand even further, Agalic is paving the way for small-scale entrepreneurship and effective economic distribution. With our new program to combat child malnutrition, we’re taking another step towards creating a brighter future for our community.

Program to Combat Child Malnutrition 02

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can nourish not only our bodies but also the hearts and minds of those in need. Thank you for your solidarity and support. We will open this programme for those customers who love to participate in this wonderful help. We will keep you posted on it.